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hot couples making love


hot couples making love



when they say youre too old for disney

The hop, I can’t. I cackled.

“My attitude has always been if you get better and you see success, that should motivate you to even work harder, so that’s kinda how I approach everything.”




1. I Think For Me

2. Bubbles!

3. Please Never Leave Me

4. Haters Gonna Hate

5. Nature’s Pepper Spray

6. I’ll Do Whatever I Want

7. Still Can’t Find My Hair Tie

8. I Made Dis

9. Shut The Fuck Up

10. Alone On a Boat

11. Just Friends 

12. Not Even Kitten (Right Meow)

13. Funjuries (The Funjry Story)

14. Heels Higher Than Skyscrapers

15. Just Tryna Buy Plants

16. We’re In This Together


• My upload xo


• My upload xo

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Aly’s London memorabilia. 

I would give up my first born and a kidney to have a fierce five leotard hanging up on my wall


"I just can’t believe how hilarious he is. He showed up. He had his leotard and his pumps and his robe, and he opened it up … just letting it all hang out. I’m like, ‘OK, Justin …’ Why are his legs more beautiful than any woman’s?" - Beyonce 


"I just freaked out over Peter Dinklage. I lost my mind. I was like, ‘That’s Tyrion Lannister!’ I’d imagine myself getting on my knees and saying, ‘My liege…’ He’s The Angry Elf. He’s just everything. Yeah. I freaked out over him. Actually, everybody on set was freaking out."

Jennifer Lawrence on filming 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'

Hi my names Erika T. and welcome to my randomly awsome blog that all about me!

❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Waiting on a miracle

I'm just a normal girl living in this world feeling invisible to the people around me, getting lost in books and my music... Thinking that the world around me should be just like the stories in the books I read.

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I am Freshman in College, a country music take a back road kind-of girl, I live in Maine in a little town by the ocean.

I love playing sports like field hockey, basketball, tennis, gymnastics,and skiing.

I'm a Hayniac, Swifty, Care Bear,ollyettes (Troublemaker), Rusher, Directioner, McCreerian,and a Selenator!

People I admire are Carrie Underwood, Hunter Hayes, and Taylor Swift. They showed the world that with a lot of hard work and determination you can reach your highest goals.

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