Hey, I'm a wildflower, growin' in the sunshine
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Hi my names Erika T. and welcome to my randomly awsome blog that all about me!

❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Waiting on a miracle

I'm just a normal girl living in this world feeling invisible to the people around me, getting lost in books and my music... Thinking that the world around me should be just like the stories in the books I read.

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I am Freshman in College, a country music take a back road kind-of girl, I live in Maine in a little town by the ocean.

I love playing sports like field hockey, basketball, tennis, gymnastics,and skiing.

I'm a Hayniac, Swifty, Care Bear,ollyettes (Troublemaker), Rusher, Directioner, McCreerian,and a Selenator!

People I admire are Carrie Underwood, Hunter Hayes, and Taylor Swift. They showed the world that with a lot of hard work and determination you can reach your highest goals.

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